SR1 Companies: Family Owned & Operated Employee Owned

From very humble beginnings, Scott Lanpher started Scott’s Recreation with one store in 2004. It was a true family run business with Holly, his wife, overseeing accounting and HR. Both of his kids were also active in the company through their schooling. In 2011 he purchased the Turner location. Fresh out of high school in 2016, Scott’s son Reid Lanpher became General Manager of the Turner store and very involved in overall company operations. In 2019 they opened the doors of the Hermon store and in 2021 the Orono store.

After consistently working 70+ hour weeks his entire career, in 2021 Scott decided to sell the company to the employees and take a step back to the COO role. Reid was named CEO. Now an ESOP (employee owned), with a young management team across all locations, the company is positioned well for decades more of growth and refinement.

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Scott's Recreation → SR1 Companies

Formerly known as Scott's Recreation, SR1 Companies has evolved to unify its diverse operations under a single brand, reflecting the pride and high standards of its employee owners. This transition allows individual product segments to maintain their unique identities while presenting a cohesive brand image. Previously, each Scott's Recreation location differed significantly, selling everything from trailers to heavy equipment, posing challenges for consistent branding and marketing. The shift to SR1 Companies addresses these complexities, ensuring tailored marketing strategies and enhanced customer experiences across all divisions.


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